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About Isabelle

Profile picture of Isabelle Wagner Partner & Co-Owner at Arlantus Consulting

Isabelle Wagner

Partner & Co-Owner

Isabelle grew up in Asia and graduated from the Singapore American School. She then went on to successfully study Communication & Graphic Design at the private university “Akademie U5” in Munich, Germany.

After consulting on and supporting communication design projects for international asset management firms, law firms, industrial and interior designers, she joined Arlantus Consulting in 2010.

Isabelle now specializes in leading executive searches with particularly complex candidate profiles and managing recruiting teams. She has more than 13 years experience in the pharmaceutical and molecular diagnostics industries, with deep knowledge in personalized medicine, and next-generation sequencing.


At Arlantus Consulting, she is also the trained specialist for machine learning and AI.

Her main strength lies in the speed and precision with which she identifies top candidates. She understands intuitively what personality types complement each other, is capable of assessing unspoken company needs, and converses comfortably with senior business leaders.

She is most experienced with searches in Commercial, R&D, Medical Affairs, Market Access, and Clinical Phase II – pre-launch.

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