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Executive Search

Since 2009, Arlantus Consulting has provided professional services for executive search and talent evaluation to leading global companies in Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Molecular Diagnostics, and Life Sciences sectors. This is our foundation and where we began.

Based in Munich, Germany, we operate globally with an international recruiting team. Approximately half of our candidates come from Europe, while the other half are sourced from the USA.

Our range of target positions spans from senior director to executive committee level. We have particularly strong experience with Commercial, R&D, Medical Affairs, Market Access, and Clinical Phase II – pre-launch.

Arlantus Consulting possesses many years of experience in these industries and a deep understanding of relevant search profiles. We prioritize understanding the company culture of our clients at the onset of each search, enabling us to evaluate candidate compatibility accurately during the assessment process.

Our holistic approach to talent assessment, which extends beyond career skills and achievements, has proven to enhance long-term satisfaction for both our clients and candidates.

Our Experienced Recruiting Team

Many executive search firms typically engage young university graduates who are bright and ambitious but lack experience in executive recruiting. However, at Arlantus Consulting, we exclusively collaborate with highly seasoned recruiters who boast a minimum of 10 years' expertise in executive-level recruitment.


This commitment ensures that our recruiters possess extensive experience within target industries and have a deep understanding of relevant search profiles. For our clients, this translates to a faster lead generation and reduced time to fill positions.

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