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Isabelle Wagner Arlantus Consulting Profile Picture

Isabelle Wagner

Co-Owner & Partner

About Isabelle

Isabelle grew up in Turkey, South Korea, Australia, and Singapore, and graduated from the Singapore American School. She then went on to study and receive her German University Diplom (equivalent to a Master's Degree) in Communication & Graphic Design from the private university "Akademie U5" in Munich, Germany.

After consulting on and supporting communication design projects for international asset management firms, law firms, industrial and interior designers, she joined Arlantus Consulting in 2010.

She has more than 14 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and molecular diagnostics industries, with deep knowledge in personalized medicine and next-generation sequencing.

At Arlantus Consulting, she is also our specialist for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Recognizing the importance of gaining firsthand experience in coding across various languages and deepening her knowledge in AI even further, she completed the following certificates:

  • Harvard University: CS50 Introduction to Computer Science
    (11 weeks / 10-20 hours per week), in 2023


  • Harvard University: CS50 Introduction to Python
    (10 weeks / 3-9 hours per week), in 2023


  • Stanford University School of Medicine: AI in Healthcare Specialization (5 weeks / 56 hours total), in 2024


This gives her an even deeper understanding of these technologies and roles, enabling her to offer insights beyond traditional management or HR viewpoints. She also consults clients and companies during AI implementation, providing support in change management and navigating ethical and data bias considerations.

Isabelle is available for executive coaching, outplacement, executive search, and AI consulting.

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