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Outplacement Services (Employer-Paid)

At Arlantus Consulting, we understand that organizational changes can be challenging, and supporting your employees through transitions is a priority. Our outplacement services are designed to provide comprehensive support to departing executives, ensuring a smooth and positive transition to new opportunities.

Let Arlantus Consulting be your strategic partner in facilitating positive organizational transitions.

Strengthen your organization by enabling departing executive to embrace new opportunities with confidence and resilience. Contact us to discuss how our outplacement services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Key Features

Personalized Career Planning: Our experienced career coaches work closely with each departing executive to understand their unique strengths, career goals, and aspirations, crafting a personalized career plan for success.

Professional Resume and LinkedIn Optimization: We enhance the visibility of your departing executives in the job market by optimizing their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, highlighting their key strengths and achievements.


Targeted Job Search Assistance: Our team assists in identifying suitable job opportunities, preparing for interviews, and navigating the complexities of the job market to ensure a focused and successful job search.


Skill Enhancement training: We provide training sessions to sharpen existing skills or acquire new ones, ensuring that departing executives are well-equipped for the evolving demands of the job market.


Emotional Support and Coaching: Career transitions are emotionally challenging. Our coaches provide emotional support and guidance to help departing executives manage stress, build resilience, and approach their career transition with confidence.

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