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Welcome to Arlantus Consulting
Your Partner in Executive Excellence

Since 2009, Arlantus Consulting has been a trusted leader in executive search for global top-tier pharmaceutical, medical devices, molecular diagnostics, and life sciences companies.

Building upon our foundational strengths and in response to the evolving needs of our clients, we then organically expanded our services to include executive coaching and outplacement, providing support to professionals at all stages of their careers.

As of early 2021 (prior to the ChatGPT/AI revolution in November 2022), we also added machine learning and AI into the areas of our expertise and the services we provide. This expansion reflects our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and addressing the emerging challenges faced by our clients.

Our team is passionate about understanding your unique goals and challenges, working collaboratively to deliver tailored solutions that drive success in the dynamic world of executive leadership.

Your success is our priority, and we look forward to contributing to your continued growth and achievements.

All services are available in English and German

AI Coaching

Building AI Literacy Among Executives

Artificial Intelligence is a massive paradigm shift that will change enormous parts of our lives, our workflow, our economies, and our societies. Unlike other technological advancements on a similar scale — such as electricity, the industrial revolution, or the internet — it is not gradually emerging from a niche; it is here now and already functioning remarkably well, even though it is still in its infancy. Its effects will be felt across all business sectors and functions simultaneously, with minimal delay between each.

Jobs will change rapidly and so too will the value placed on skills, services, products, and even people, including what we consider their financial worth. We all have to learn and develop new skills, continuously and for an unforeseeable time, before eventually some stability within this new system emerges.

When so many parts are moving, there is much possibility, but inevitably there will also be equally as much upheaval and disruption.

Here at Arlantus Consulting, we aim to provide guidance and education that goes beyond understanding the important fundamental infrastructure of AI technology. We help our clients develop a critical, experimental, progressive, and playful mindset, that will enable them to not only navigate this new landscape successfully, but also shape, influence, and improve their business workplace and culture with AI.

Our Consultants

Our Consultants

Wolfgang Wagner portrait photo

Wolfgang Wagner

Owner & Managing Director

Seasoned professional with decades of firsthand experience in leading global organizations and large multidisciplinary teams, as well as creating talent programs.

Isabelle Wagner Portrait Picture

Isabelle Wagner

Co-Owner & Partner

Senior partner and AI specialist skilled in change management, talent assessment, and navigating ethical considerations and data bias during AI implementation.


Our Services

Executive Coaching

Our expert coaches partner with you to uncover your strengths, address areas for growth, refine your leadership style, and help you successfully navigate complex challenges you currently face.


We provide personalized support and strategic guidance to departing executive employees, ensuring a smooth transition to their next career chapter by equipping them with the tools and confidence needed to secure new opportunities.

Executive Search

With a tailored approach and extensive industry expertise, we connect you with exceptional talents who meet your needs, align with your company culture, drive growth, and achieve a lasting impact.



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